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About Us

MG Group is a conglomerate in Bangladesh; spread across various trading, manufacturing and industrial subsections. Expansion of its products and services across all the districts of Bangladesh and spiral the economic growth and stability in the country is the ultimate goal of MG Group. The organization activity generates employment in the young, diverse community, resulting into inclusive social development.

The Vision of MG Group

To Achieve consistent and sustainable growth, we have recognized a vision with particular goals:

  • Profit: Maximizing stakeholders’ return while being aware and serious about our own responsibilities.
  • Partner: Building a strong network of partners and maintaining mutual respect and loyalty.
  • People: Providing a great place to work with a unique work culture and environment where people get to showcase their ideas, creativity and talent through performance.

The Mission of MG Group

MG Group’s mission is to deliver and satisfy consumer needs and demand, to bring jobs and business opportunities in Bangladesh and to sustain the growth of the company in the upcoming future. The group plans to keep growing and extending its business to become one of the leading industrialist ventures in the Country.

Corporate Address

12/B, CWN (A), North Avenue, Gulshan - 2, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh.


  +88 02 9894808 | +88 02 9894818

  +88 02 9894811

  +88 09678 776633


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