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MG Footwear Industries Limited is a unit of the MG Group. Although the company is considered as a Cement Manufacturer, it does not consider Cement to be its final product. The company believes in manufacturing footwear keeping the necessities of good quality leather, as finish leather is just another concern of exporting area.

MG Footwear Industries Limited is vision to create a footwear marketing based on some products for men, women, children and weather proof. It has also a target to satisfy their customers with European and US standards.

More importantly, auto bricks are environment friendly and have the highly ingenious kiln technology that ensures lower energy usage, superior quality brick production and decreases air pollution. It uses 30% less energy than traditional brick fields, reprocesses heat generated in the kiln to dry green bricks and eradicates the emission of black smoke loaded with CO2 gas. It also reduces GHG emission and consumption of coal decreases by 50%.


Corporate Address

12/B, CWN (A), North Avenue, Gulshan - 2, Dhaka - 1212, Bangladesh.

  +88 02 9894808 | +88 02 9894818

  +88 02 9894811

  +88 09678 776633

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